7 Common Reasons Why Garage Doors Need Replacing

Garage Door Repair Options

Garages are a staple in most modern homes nowadays. They house our cars, our tools, act as storage spaces and are great areas to place outdoor fridges and freezers and the like. This is why it’s important to ensure they are safe and functional for all your items, equipment and more. 

From curb appeal to insulation and protection, there are many different reasons you might need to consider replacing your garage doors. Here at Kelly Garage Doors, we’ve come up with a list of the seven most common reasons why garage doors might need replacing or why you might consider a garage door repair service. 


1. Your Garage Door is Damaged

Damage to your garage door is one of the biggest reasons to have it replaced. If you’ve accidentally backed into your garage door or sustained damage to it in some other way, this can affect the functionality of the door. It might also be a huge eyesore, affecting the curb appeal of your house. 

Not only is it a good idea to have your door replaced or repaired to restore the look of your property, but a replacement and the correct repair service will also ensure your garage is still properly secured. 


2. Your garage door is old

A great way to boost the value of your home is by perfecting the curb appeal of your house. A great way to do so is to replace your old and outdated garage door with a new one. It’s a simple yet effective way to give your home a facelift.


3. Renovations

Whether you’re working on a fixer-upper or just giving your house a new lease on life, your garage door can, and usually is, included in these changes. You might be changing the structure of your house or even just a new exterior colour scheme, in both these cases, you can find a new garage door to fit in with the rest of your property. 


4. Low Maintenance

One of the best reasons for installing a new garage door is that modern doors are much easier to maintain. New doors don’t need much more than the occasional wash to continue to look good, they should function with much more ease and require no constant re-painting. 


5. Improve security

Ensuring the safety of your home and your garage items is also a big reason why people choose to replace or repair their garage doors. If you’re worried about the security of your home you can have your door replaced with a stronger, more secure door. If you’ve noticed only small issues and wish to reinforce your already existing door, you might consider a garage door repair service, to help give you some peace of mind. 


6. Garage conversions

Not all garages are used for cars. Some people turn them into studies, a home office, a gym and more. In this case, your garage will probably need a door that provides better insulation and is maybe a bit more aesthetically pleasing than the clunky old one that came with the house. 


7. Reduce the heating bill

Garages that are uninsulated but still used can end up costing a lot in heating and cooling as you might install an aircon for when you’re working out or even working on your car. It’s also a place where hot or cool air can escape from your home. 

A new door with insulation can help reduce the cost of heating and cooling, meaning you can spend more money where it counts. 


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