Timber-Look vs Timber Garage Doors: Which One is Better?

timber garage doors

Considering an upgrade for the old garage door? It can be a tiring process researching and understanding the advantages and disadvantages of the different options available. There are pros and cons to all different types, and it can be tricky to pick which to invest in.

Luckily, we’re here to help. At Kelly Garage Doors, we pride ourselves on serving Australians with quality garage doors. In this article, we will explain the pros and cons of timber garage and timber-look garage doors. We’re here to help make your decision a little bit easier.

What’s the Difference Between Timber and Timber-Look Garage Doors?

The difference between these two types of doors is that timber garage doors are made out of real wood, while timber-look doors are not. Timber-look garage doors consist of other materials such as steel or fibreglass. But, they are designed to look like wood and have the same aesthetic appeal.

Although they are made of wood, timber garage doors still can come with an automatic function. The same goes for timber-look doors. In fact, most garage doors these days are made with the ability of automation in mind. If this is the case, which one is better?

Pros and Cons of Timber-Look Garage Doors

Timber-look garage doors are a great, low-maintenance alternative to timber. Their pros and cons include:

They Are Less Upkeep

One reason why people pick timber-look garage doors is that they are low-maintenance. Since these achieve the real-timber look without the same rigorous upkeep, they’re a great solution.

This means that you won’t have to worry about repainting or re-staining your garage door as often. You also won’t have to worry about it warping in extreme weather conditions. This is because timber-look garage doors are much more resistant to these sorts of things.

They Can Be More Affordable

Another pro for timber-look garage doors is that they’re a more affordable option. Because doors like the Timber Look Sectional Overhead Garage Door are made from cost-effective materials such as steel, they retail for much less than real timber options. They also cost less in the long run, as they do not need the same amount of maintenance that timber garage doors do.

They May Not Look Exactly Like a Real-Timber Garage Door

Although they are designed to look like real wood, some experts or garage-door enthusiasts may be able to tell that yours is not made of timber. This can be a downside for some people who want their garage door to look as natural as possible. You will need to consider if the benefits of a timber-look door outweigh this factor.

Pros and Cons of Timber Garage Doors

Now you know all about the advantages and factors to consider of timber-look garage doors, it’s time to assess the value of timber doors. Their pros and cons include:

They Are the Real Deal

The first and most obvious advantage of a timber garage door is that it’s made of real wood. This means that it will add an extra layer of genuine charm to your home. Although timber-look is more cost-effective, sometimes homeowners want the real thing.

They Are More High Maintenance

Although they look great, one of the cons to timber garage doors is that they are high maintenance. You will have to re-paint or re-stain it often to ensure it’s kept in optimal condition and looking great. You’ll also have to be careful in extreme weather conditions as the wood can warp if it’s not maintained.

They Are Not Termite or Rot-Resistant

Another downside of timber garage doors is that they are not resistant to pests such as termites. They can also rot if they are not looked after properly. Extra care must be taken to ensure your garage door is in good condition, which can be costly and time-consuming.

So, Which One Should You Choose?

There’s no right or wrong answer, and it depends on your personal preference. Yet, timber-look garage doors are a great option that still achieves a similar, if not the same, look as timber garage doors.

Browse Kelly Garage Doors’ timber-look garage doors today, or contact us for a free measure and quote! We service custom garage doors to fit any home.

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