Single or Double Garage Door? How To Decide

double garage door

Choosing which type of garage door would work best for you is a tricky decision to make. Single and double garage doors are both popular, but each has its own set of characteristics. 

Single garage doors are a more common choice, and they are typically made of one large panel. On the other hand, double garage doors are made of two panels that open independently. Both types of doors have their own advantages and disadvantages. 

Generally, single garage doors are generally cheaper and easier to install, but they can be more difficult to operate if the door is very heavy. Double garage doors are more expensive and require more installation work, but they offer the benefit of being able to open each panel independently. As a result, double garage doors can be a good choice for people who need to be able to access their car in a hurry. Read on to find out how to decide between the two for your specific needs.

Factors to consider when deciding between a double garage or single garage door

How many cars do you need to park?

The number of cars you have is the first thing to consider to make this decision. If you have one car, a single garage door would be your ideal choice. However, if you own two big cars or three small ones, a double garage door would be better suited to cover the space needed for your vehicles along with some storage area. In this same scenario, having two single garage doors to park two or more vehicles can also make entering or exiting the garage time-consuming. 

A double garage door is also more suitable when you are planning to sell the house soon, because not only would it add value to your property but will also attract a wider range of buyers.

What looks better?

The aesthetics are an important factor in any major decisions of your house, especially when it comes to the appearance of your house’s exterior. Garage doors are easily noticeable and thus, can often be a symbol of style and class. While many people would consider having a double garage door that looks sleek and modern, two single garage doors can actually add a symmetrical look to the house. When it comes to style, everyone has different tastes and preferences, so whatever looks better to you for your house can be your choice.

Are you ready for a few glitches?

As per Murphy’s Law, anything that can go wrong will go wrong. That is why you should try to be prepared for the worst. In this case, you should just be prepared that there might be some potential problems or malfunctions with the garage doors over a period of time. Two single garage doors can give you more security knowing that if one door malfunctions, the other will most likely still work. But, with a double garage door, you might be stuck for a while if it suddenly starts to cause problems.

How much are you willing to spend?

Generally speaking, there is not much price difference between the single and double garage door options. Installation and other costs involved in getting these garage doors ready to operate are not much of a concern when making the decision between the two, but two single garage doors are costlier to maintain and repair than one double door. And, of course, if you upgrade the garage doors with automation or other features, the cost adds on. However, you can consider all other factors and then adjust them according to the flexibility of your budget for the project.

What have you decided?

After considering all these factors, it should be simpler for you to decide which type of garage doors to opt for: Two single ones or a double one. It is also important to ensure that you get the products sourced and installed from a reliable company because your doors will only be as good as their production quality and proper installation. Explore Kelly Garage Doors range to get a clearer idea of what you are looking for.

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