Types of Garage Doors: Which One Is Right For Me?

Planning to install a new garage door in your home but not sure what style will best meet your needs? That’s understandable — what may have initially seemed like a very simple task is actually quite difficult, given the many different types of garage doors on the market. Sectional doors, timber look doors — which one is right for you?

There are several factors to consider when choosing a garage door, including material durability, exterior design, and the amount of space you have to work with. Here at Kelly Garage Doors, we are proud to provide our customers with an extensive selection of doors, plus the knowledge, practical skills and support to ensure you make the right decision.

Types Of Garage Doors

Kelly Garage Doors’ comprehensive product line contains many different types of garage doors. Check out a few of our most popular below.


A sectional garage door is one made from a number of fixed panels joined together with hinges that enable the door to bend and move along the garage ceiling as the door opens. When fully open, the door sits parallel to the ceiling.

Sectional garage doors offer several advantages over other garage door types. They tend to be extremely secure as they don’t have a singular point of entry, which deters potential robbers. They’re quite durable and compact, providing more room for cars to come and go.

You can also open a sectional door as little or as much as you would like. If you’re working in the garage and require some extra ventilation but don’t want to be exposed to the full sun, you can open the door a small way to suit your needs.


A roller door is one of the most common types of garage doors. It consists of a ribbed steel door that moves vertically and rolls up like a rug at the top of the garage. 

A residential roller door is perfect for compact spaces. This type of garage door doesn’t require tracks to be installed along your garage ceiling as the door simply tucks under the garage opening. 

It’s very easy for the manufacturer to manufacture a residential roller door as per your unique requirements in terms of length and height. Roller doors also tend to be extremely durable and stand up well against the external elements.


Here at Kelly Garage Doors, we understand how important the overall appearance of your garage door is, particularly in relation to your house. Our Timber Look Sectional Overhead Garage Door is perfect for those looking to complement the existing facade of their house.

The Timber Look Sectional Overhead Garage Door is much like a standard sectional door with the added advantage of a stylish timber finish.


The team at Kelly Garage Doors has experience installing, repairing, and maintaining garage doors across all different types of environments, including commercial and industrial settings.

Our Industrial Continuous Sheet Curtain Roller Door offers the exact same advantages as a residential roller door — durability, compactness, and ease of use. Speak with Kelly Garage Doors today to learn how we can install an Industrial Continuous Sheet Curtain Roller Door in your workspace today.   


In need of a garage door but not quite sure if you fit into any of the above categories? No worries — the experienced team at Kelly Garage Doors can help install a custom garage door that meets your needs down to a tee. 

Contact us today to discuss your requirements and how you envisage your garage door fitting in with your space and facade. We have experience working with all door and motor types and will be able to quickly determine the right product for you.

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Types of Garage Doors: Which One Is Right For Me?

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