Should I Choose Timber Look Garage Doors or Timber Garage Doors

Why Choose A Timber Look Garage Door 

‘Timber look’ doors are a contemporary take on the timeless and natural look of timber—its texture and warm tones—with the durability and fortress-like qualities of steel. This material doesn’t just imitate timber, but takes it to the next level, by providing your roller door with the added security and sturdiness you want for your garage. The timber finish is just what you need if you’re looking for the best of both worlds. This high-quality material is not just visually appealing but also gets the job done; it’s practical (will withstand just about any weather) and beautiful.

For peace of mind, we recommend timber look garage doors. You won’t have to worry about the wear and tear associated with outdoor structures, or having to get your roller doors replaced in a couple of years, because the timber look door has you covered.

Disadvantages Of Timber Garage Doors

In comparison, organic timber, though readily available, can crack, chip, peel, shrink and bend over time, and has a more difficult time withstanding harsh conditions and climates (that includes Aussie summers). Timber can also require a fair bit of upkeep compared to other building materials, as it can go silver or take on an old, worn appearance when left unattended. Basically, timber doors can be a huge drain on finances and resources. You can prevent this by using a wood treatment, but this level of maintenance might be a drawback for busy people or those not wanting to put the extra effort, time and money into their garage doors.

A big downside of timber is that it changes with the seasons; making it vulnerable to mould, rot, pest and fungi invasion. Some types of timber are better at handling this than others, but a small amount of change is still to be expected.

Condensation can also occur with timber; and another big problem with wood, at least in Australia, is fires. In addition, depending on the type of wood you’re working with, timber may be susceptible to termites.

Advantages Of Timber Garage Doors

On the flip side, timber is a great source of insulation: providing warmth and soundproofing. Another  reason people might favour timber is it is relatively environmentally friendly; a safe, non-toxic, recyclable material that doesn’t come with most of the negative effects some man-made materials might possess. It’s also a somewhat light material, and for those wanting to do the build themselves, this could be a huge plus, as it requires little machinery and is pretty easy to work with. Timber is also anti-corrosive by nature, meaning it will not fade due to sea salt and chemicals in the air.

Why Timber Look Doors Are The Way To Go

Cosy and organic, yet trendy and modern, timber look doors are suitable for a range of homes. Whether your property is small or large; suburban, inner city or located in the country, we’ll find a way to make timber look doors work for you. 

While garage doors are traditionally made of materials like steel, due to its cost efficiency and strength, many homeowners now opt for timber despite the potential risks. If reliability is important to you, then a timber look garage will provide the same appearance but with the structural stability you want to shield your home.

Real timber doors can be problematic, to say the least, but timber look doors provide that earthy aesthetic while doubling as a safe haven. These doors have all the charm and character of natural timber without breaking the bank (or your back). 

While no construction material is perfect, this is as close as you can get—-and it ticks a bunch of boxes off the checklist many people have when it comes to sealing their property and maintaining a welcoming atmosphere.  

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