Using Gliderol’s Design Centre To Visualise Your Garage Door Design

Visualizing what a garage door looks like on you house can be hard. Sometimes it’s impossible to choose a colour or door style.

Lucky for us Gliderol have a tool that can help you pick the right garage
roller door or garage sectional door.
You can use the design centre for Gliderol’s whole product range including Garage Roller Doors and Garage Sectional Panel Doors.
You can upload an image of your house or use a sample image and pick your door style and design & color to help you visualize the garage door on your home.
Access Gliderol’s Design center using the following link:
If you use the tool and like what you see then please get in touch with us to receive a quote on the door you like.

Servicing your garage door – It’s important

We often ask clients, “When did you last service your garage door?”, the answer is generally along the lines of never. Not servicing your garage doors can cause them to make rattling movement,
closing slated, odd noises and even come of the tracks.

Why should I get my garage door serviced?

By servicing your garage door you could be avoid repair costs that weren’t necessary, stop the garage door from becoming a safety hazard, prolong the life of you garage door and to ensure the garage door remains locked and secure.

How often should I get my garage door serviced?

You should have your garage door serviced every 12-24 months. If you live near the ocean then you should have it serviced every 12 months.

How can I book a garage door service?

Contact us today! Call us or send us an email and we will arrange a time with a trained technician to attend your property and service your door.

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